CHEF BILL SMITH is as well known for his sumptuous take on Southern comfort food as he is for his exceptional food writing—including the New York Times Notable and Food & Wine Best-of-the-Best cookbook Seasoned in the South and his recent book, the bestselling Savor the South title, Crabs & Oysters.

Bill Smith stands out as the only James Beard Foundation “America’s Classic Restaurant” chef ever to have been named a final-five finalist for Best Chef in the Southeast—and twice.

Continually interpreting found heirloom recipes, Bill Smith’s recipes have their way of becoming iconic dishes, first served at the Chapel Hill, NC, restaurant Crook's Corner.



Among the recipes that have become classics are Green Peach Salad (featured in the New York Times), Tomato & Watermelon Salad (featured on the cover of Southern Living), Cheesepork! (the southern schnitzel), Southern Risottos & Tamales and of course his many desserts, including his most famous, Honeysuckle Sorbet and Atlantic Beach Pie (dubbed by NPR the “Oh, My God Pie.”) Among his most loved interpreted, found recipes are the Atlantic Beach Pie, Orange Red Hot SorbetSoft Shell CrabsJerusalem Artichoke RelishBourbon Brown Sauce and possibly the tastiest Eastern NC House-cured Corned Ham, Fried Oyster and Banana Pudding renditions—anywhere. 


Recognized by Chefs Collaborative as a Southeastern finalist for an award given to chefs who are leaders in incorporating local foods into their menus, Chef Bill Smith has long worked with farmers and also homestead gardeners and foraged himself for ingredients that gather season by season on the Crook’s Corner menu. 

A foremost chef-expert in Southern foodways, he has served now for years on the board for the Southern Foodways Alliance.

Also notable, his grounded commentary on Mexican immigrants has been featured in CNN’s Eatocracy, in Southern Cultures, in the Brett Anderson-edited edition of the SFA’s Cornbread Nation, and in Garden & Gun.

Many American cookbook authors have included a Bill Smith recipe, or two. Find them in Jean Anderson's Love Affair with Southern CookingMolly O'Neill's One Big TableThe Southern Foodways Alliance's Community CookbookNancie McDermott's Southern PiesJohn Shelton and Dale Reed’s Holy Smoke, many of the recently released Savor the South cookbooks, Staff Meal's from America's Top Restaurants and the soon-to-be published title: America’s Classics Cookbook by the James Beard Foundation.


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