On Wednesdays from April to October, Gene crisscrosses the state bringing back NC's finest barbecue but due to popular demand we will continue 'Cue Wednesday right through the Winter. For the next few months we will feature one BBQ House several Wednesdays in a row.  We will also feature a few local cookers/smokers for one-night stands.   

Plan to join us if you love great wood-smoked Carolina 'Cue. 

"Put a Pig on It"

Stephenson's (Willow Spring, NC) 04/25

Real Q (Winston-Salem, NC) 04/18

Stephenson's (Willow Spring, NC) 04/11

Real Q (Winston-Salem, NC) 04/04

B's BBQ (Greenville, NC) 03/28

Millhouse BBQ (Chapel Hill, NC) 03/21

Stamey's (Greensboro, NC) 01/14

B's BBQ (Greenville, NC) 03/07

The Bar-B-Q Center (Lexington) 02/28

Bum's BBQ (Ayden, NC) 02/21

Real Q (Winston-Salem, NC) 02/14

Maybelle's (Durham, NC) 02/07

Southern Smoke (Garland, NC) 01/31

Stamey's (Greensboro, NC) 01/24

Millhouse BBQ (Chapel Hill, NC) 01/17

Little Richard's (Winston-Salem, NC) 01/10

Bum's BBQ (Ayden, NC) 01/03

Pik-n-Pig (Carthage, NC) 12/27

Closed on 12/20

Little Richard's (Winston-Salem, NC) 12/13

Millhouse BBQ (Chapel Hill, NC) 12/06

Southern Smoke (Garland, NC) 11/29

 Millhouse BBQ (Chapel Hill, NC) 11/22

Bum's BBQ (Ayden, NC) 11/15

Stamey's (Greensboro, NC) 11/08

Little Richard's (Winston-Salem, NC) 11/01

Stephenson's (Willow Spring, NC) 10/25

                                       Stephenson's (Willow Spring, NC) 10/18                                        

                                                                                   Stephenson's (Willow Spring, NC) 10/11

                                                                                   Stephenson's (Willow Spring, NC) 10/04

Stephenson's (Willow Spring) 09/27

Stephenson's (Willow Spring, NC) 07/19

Stephenson's (Willow Spring, NC) 07/12

Stamey's (Greensboro, NC) 07/05

Stephenson's (Willow Spring, NC) 06/28

Stephenson's (Willow Spring, NC) 06/21

Little Richard's (Winston-Salem, NC) 06/14

Bum's BBQ (Ayden, NC) 06/07

Pik-n-Pig (Carthage, NC) 05/31

Stephenson's (Willow Spring, NC) 05/24

Little Richard's (Winston-Salem, NC) 05/17

Stephenson's (Willow Spring, NC) 05/10

Little Richard's (Winston-Salem, NC) 05/03

Stephenson's (Willow Spring, NC) 04/26

Hubba Hubba (Flat Rock, NC) 04/19

Stephenson's (Willow Spring, NC) 04/12

Stephenson's (Willow Spring, NC) 04/05

Southern Smoke (Garland, NC) 03/29

Stamey's (Greensboro, NC) 03/22

Bum's BBQ (Ayden, NC) 03/15

Little Richard's (Winston-Salem, NC) 03/08

Stephenson's (Willow Spring, NC) 03/01

Stephenson's (Willow Spring, NC) 02/22

Sam Jones BBQ (Winterville) 02/15

The Bar-B-Q Center (Lexington) 02/08

Pik-n-Pig (Carthage, NC) 02/01

Little Richard's (Winston-Salem, NC) 01/25

Southern Smoke (Garland, NC) 01/18

Wilbur's (Goldsboro, NC) 01/11

Stephenson's (Willow Spring, NC) 01/04

Stephenson's (Willow Spring, NC) 12/28

B's BBQ (Greenville, NC) 12/14

Stamey's (Greensboro, NC) 12/07

Bum's BBQ (Ayden, NC) 11/30

Hubba Hubba (Flat Rock, NC) 11/23

Pik-n-Pig (Carthage, NC) 11/16

Skylight (Ayden, NC) 11/09

Little Richard's (Winston-Salem, NC) 11/02

Southern Smoke (Garland, NC) 10/26

Hubba Hubba (Flat Rock, NC) 10/19

Stephenson's (Willow Spring, NC) 10/12

Cook's (Lexington, NC) 10/05

Stephenson's (Willow Spring, NC) 09/28

Stephenson's (Willow Spring, NC) 09/14

Cook's (Lexington, NC) 09/07

Little Richard's (Winston-Salem, NC) 08/31

Bum's BBQ (Ayden, NC) 08/24

Little Richard's (Winston-Salem, NC) 08/17

Bum's BBQ (Ayden, NC) 08/10

Prime BBQ (NC) 08/03

2 Oinks BBQ (Chapel Hill, NC) 07/27

Stamey's (Greensboro, NC) 07/20

Pik-n-Pig (Carthage, NC) 07/13

Stephenson's BBQ (Willow Spring, NC) 07/06

Pik-n-Pig (Carthage, NC) 06/29

Pik-n-Pig (Carthage, NC) 06/22

Stephenson's (Willow Spring, NC) 06/15

Stephenson's (Willow Spring, NC) 06/08

Stephenson's (Willow Spring, NC) 06/01

Southern Smoke (Garland, NC) 05/25

Southern Smoke (Garland, NC) 05/18

Southern Smoke (Garland, NC) 05/11

w/ John Shelton Reed

Pik-n-Pig (Lillington, NC) 05/04

Bum's (Ayden, NC) 05/04

Bar-B-Q Center (Lexington, NC) 04/20

Fuzzy's BBQ (Madison, NC) 04/13

 Stephenson's (Willow Spring, NC) 04/06

Grady's BBQ (Dudley, NC) 03/30

Red Bridges BBQ Lodge (Shelby, NC) 03/23

Jack Cobb & Son (Farmville, NC) 03/16

Cook's (Lexington, NC) 03/09

Wilbur's (Goldsboro, NC) 03/02

Sweatman's (Holly Hill, SC) 2/24

Southern Smoke (Garland, NC) - 2/17

B's BBQ (Greenville, NC) 2/10

Speedy Lohr's (Arcadia, NC) 2/03

Scott's BBQ (Hemingway, SC) 1/27

Sam's BBQ of Skylight (Greenville, NC) 1/20

Stamey's BBQ (Greensboro, NC) 1/13

Pik-n-Pig (Carthage, NC) 1/6

Stephenson's (Willow Spring, NC) - 12/30

Southern Smoke (Garland, NC) - 12/16

Bum's BBQ (Ayden, NC) - 12/02

Snook's BBQ (Advance, NC) - 11/18

Little Richard's (Winston-Salem, NC) - 11/04

Scott's BBQ (Hemingway, SC) - 10/21

The Pik-n-Pig (Carthage) - 10/07

Pig Whistle (Chapel Hill) - 04/01, 05/06

Wilbur's (Goldsboro) - 03/04

Little Richard's (Clemmons) - 02/04

Bum's (Ayden) - 01/07

The Pig (Chapel Hill) - 12/03

Little Richard's (Clemmons) - 11/05

Pig Whistle (Chapel Hill) - 10/01

Bum's (Ayden) - 09/17

Cook's (Lexington) - 09/03

Speedy Lohr's (Arcadia) - 08/20

B's (Greenville) - 08/06

Fuzzy's (Madison) - 07/23

Stephenson's (Willow Springs) - 07/09

Little Richard's (Winston-Salem) - 06/25

Wilbur's (Goldsboro) - 06/11

Stamey's (Greensboro) - 05/28

Skylight Inn (Ayden) - 05/14

The Bar-B-Q Center (Lexington) - 04/30

Cook's (Lexington) 

Speedy Lohr's (Arcadia) 

B's BBQ (Greenville, NC) 

Pig Whistle (Chapel Hill, NC) 

Tall Heel Q (Lexington, NC)

Jack Cobb and Son (Farmville, NC)

Hill's Lexington (Winston Salem, NC)

Grady's (Dudley, NC)

Bum's (Ayden, NC)

Prissy Polly's (Kernersville, NC)

McCall's (Goldsboro & Clayton, NC)

Stephenson's (Willow Spring, NC)

Fuzzy's BBQ (Madison)

Moore's (New Bern, NC)

Red Bridges (Shelby, NC)

Parker's (Wilson, NC)

Little Richard's (Winston Salem, NC)

Short Sugar's (Reidsville, NC)

Wilbur's (Goldsboro, NC)

Stamey's (Greensboro, NC)

Skylight (Ayden, NC)