Since the beginning, art has been an important element of the atmosphere at Crook’s Corner.  The dining room is a gallery that features local artists--upcoming and well-known alike.  “We began by having two month shows when we took over from Cam in 1982, but because of the large number of requests for exhibits, we now change the art every month," Gene Hamer said. "We're fortunate to have a very talented community of local artists and artisans to choose from.  With every exhibit the dining room and bar take on anew look and feel." Price lists for each art exhibit can be found at the bar, and Crook’s does not charge a commission.  We ask our artists to be sensitive to the fact that we are a restaurant and




January ~ UNC MFA Students

February ~ Louis St. Lewis

March ~ John Bowman

April ~ John T. Hill

May ~ Chris Rowe

June ~ Mario Heitman

July ~ Carol Retsch-Bogart

August ~ Debbie Cox

September ~ John Hamilton

October ~ John B. Bare

November ~ Nancy Tuttle May

December ~ Elaine O'Neil


no to exhibit works depicting violent, pornographic, political or grotesque material; otherwise the content is totally up to the artist. On the Patio, the water fountain sculpted by Bob Gaston (who also created the Pink Pig) drowns away the sounds of a bustling Franklin Street.  Originally, a herd of wooden critters by local folk artist Clyde Jones convened upon the rooftop, but with the years they decomposed and are gone.  A few of Clyde’s critters still hide among the bamboo, as well as a multicolored dog near the front door.  One critter, Pink Elephant, is a permanent resident at the end of the bar and was given to Gene by Clyde's Mother.



January ~ UNC MFA Students

February ~ Louis St. Lewis

March ~ Scott Meyers

April ~ Jake Brower

May ~ Vicki Rees

June ~

July ~ UNC MFA Students

August ~

September ~

October ~ John B. Bare

November ~

December ~ Elaine O'Neil