March 2019

Dear Crook's family,

Having experienced the highs and lows of the basketball variety, it's time to prepare for the next round with fortification of the belly-filling variety. We do that here - strengthen the spirit with the most delicious means. We've added Cottonbell from Boxcarr Handmade Cheese to our cheese plate, and the Bold Salad with its winter lettuce, pickled veggies, and blue cheese will make you sit up straight and declare your love for vegetables. We may long for the bounty of summer at this time of the year, but pickles will carry us through to the end of winter the way they are meant. Our oysters on the half shell are Old Salts from Virginia - small, briny, and delicious.

As I mentioned in the last letter, Crook's turns 37 this month, and I have a special request of you on this birthday occasion-

Tell me a story.

Most of you signed up for this newsletter because you have been to Crook's Corner and you liked what happened here. Tell me about it. I am gathering your stories about Crook's because, considering our age and the colorful nature of our beloved customers, this is a true gold mine. Really that's what life is all about - taking our shared experiences (at Crook's Corner) and creating connections. I'll even give you a couple of options: you can email them to me at or you can use the hashtag #crookscornerstories when you post to Instagram and Facebook. These stories can be happy, sad, contemplative, or bawdy - anything goes - but keep them sharable (and please don't incriminate yourself or anyone else that we love!). Aliases are fine - whatever helps you to be honest, and forthright.

And while you're at it, stop in to create a few new stories.

We are now taking reservations for Mother's Day and Graduation Weekend.

The weather is getting patio-ish. You'd better take advantage of it.

Thank you for your continued friendship and patronage. As always, you are why we do what we do.