May 2019

Dear Crook's family,

Happy mid-May in Chapel Hill. One of the many things to love about living in this sweet town is the seasonal change. I am not only speaking of the change in weather that brings bounty to the Farmers' Market, but also of the ebb and flow of population. Every August it is exciting to see the students flood into town, and every May their exodus creates a lovely, peaceful quietude. This is what we are celebrating for the next several weeks at Crook's: the hum of crickets instead of traffic, the ease of parking, and the long hours of daylight for patio dining.

To help you feel the full effects of late spring we have Honeysuckle Sorbet and Soft Shell Crabs on the menu. Bill took Justin flower-picking last week and thus has passed on one of his most iconic springtime creations to the next generation.

The next generation of sophisticated Chapel Hill foodies couldn't be happier. "It's sparklefantastic" said one young diner last night, while another contemplated how this must be what clouds taste like. Yeah, maybe it is.

New this weekend is Lady Edison pork tenderloin - grilled with kohlrabi, apples, rhubarb, and mustard. It will be perfect with a glass of rosé on the patio.

Also, Justin added fried hot-chicken terrine to his charcuterie board along with cucumbers pickled in Wyatt Dickson's Pig Whistle BBQ sauce.

I would like to send out congratulations to two of our stellar staff members who have just graduated from UNC. Kestrel and Alec have worked at Crook's throughout most of their undergraduate studies, and we couldn't be more proud of their hard work here and in school. When you see them wish them luck in their bright futures!

Another member of our staff, Sebastian Eli-York, is off to intern with Massimo Baturo in Italy this summer. We can't wait for updates on life in an Italian kitchen. Buon viaggio, Seb!

You can continue to make reservations on Resy either at our website or through their app.

Thank you for your continued friendship and patronage. As always, you are why we do what we do.


Susie Williamson